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Curated PDB Entry

Please note we are striving to make the PDB entries globally consistent rather than author specific.

Looking for assembly and structural alignment analysis?


    Predict the most likely biological assembly and analyse interfaces between subunits.

  • PDBeFold (formerly SSM)

    Perform pairwise and multiple 3D alignments of your structure against the whole PDB or SCOP archive.

Some of your uploaded sequence identifiers and chain identifiers may have been changed in the processing.

Our software is continually improving to handle all entries in the same way and currently we try to match the hetgroups to the protein chain and then sort the atoms in the sort order of chain/seq etc placing het groups not in SEQRES, SEQADV or MODRES after all SEQRES chains followed by waters.

The consistent assignment of chains to residues is now more important than in the past with the addition of the REMARK 300 and REMARK 350 records as mandatory. To be consistent where there are more than one molecule per equivalent position, the hetgroups should also be registered as belong to a particular biomolecule.

When making changes to the header portion of your entry, you may only send us the corrected lines. If you are replacing only a few individual ATOM lines in the coordinate records, please send them in the same format and the same coordinate frame as the original data. If you are replacing MORE THAN 10 ATOM lines in the coordinate records, please send us the entire coordinate file by e-mail to pdbdep@ebi.ac.uk

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