Binding of PS00907 to ligands
»CP3pointer hydrogen bonds 25%
van-der-waals bonds 25%
1CPpointer hydrogen bonds 25%
EDOpointer van-der-waals bonds 25%
total 4
from 2 uniprot entries
Binding of PS00907 to fragments of boundmolecules
bilirubinpointer van-der-waals bonds 33.3%
porphinpointer van-der-waals bonds 33.3%
pyrolepointer van-der-waals bonds 33.3%
total 3
from 1 uniprot entries
1CP CP3 EDO pyrole porphin bilirubin
   Pattern example: [FL]HDXD[LIV]X[PD]X[GDE]
   PROSITE example: PS00001
   PFAM example: PF00001
   Small 3D structural motif, examples:asx-turn,asx-motif, beta-turn, st-turn ,st-motif,...
   Secondary structure elements: helix or strand, example:helix
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 Covalent, Ionic, H-bonds and Van-der-waals
 plane-plane bonds
 plane-atom bonds
 include 5 Å
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PROSITE motifs
Small 3D motifs
Secondary structure elements
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