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A motif of three consecutive residues i, i+1, i+2 and one H-bond in which:
- the main-chain O of residue(i) is H-bonded to the main-chain NH of residue(i+2).

Type classic
   residue(i+1):   35° < φ <  115°   -104° < ψ < -24°
Type inverse
   residue(i+1): -115° < φ < -35°      24° < ψ < 104°
structural motifs:
  alpha-beta-motif     asx-motif     asx-turn-iil  
  asx-turn-iir     asx-turn-il     asx-turn-ir  
  beta-bulge     beta-bulge-loop-5     beta-bulge-loop-6  
  beta-turn-iil     beta-turn-iir     beta-turn-il  
  beta-turn-ir     gamma-turn-classic     gamma-turn-inverse  
  nest-lr     nest-rl     niche-3l  
  niche-3r     niche-4l     niche-4r  
  schellmann-loop-6     schellmann-loop-7     st-motif  
  st-staple     st-turn-iil     st-turn-iir  
  st-turn-il     st-turn-ir  

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