PDBeMotif Version 2.0c

   PDBeMotif is a service for search in Protein Data Bank (PDB) with respect of motifs in protein 3D structures, protein sequences, small bound molecules, ligand 3D environment, protein-protein and nucleic-acid interactions. It provides rich sequence and 3D structure annotations available in ePDB XML, eFamily XML, DAS formats and in a web browser where search results are available as sequence multiple alignment, 3D multiple alignment and through distribution charts. This is an integrated tool of 3D structure, sequence and chemical search.

Primary citation: Golovin A, Henrick K: MSDmotif: exploring protein sites and motifs. BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:312.
Citation 2: A. Golovin, K. Henrick: Chemical Substructure Search in SQL, J.Chem. Inf. Model., 2009, 49 (1), 22-27.
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