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Submission of data

Please read the submission policy. You must agree to this policy before you can complete the submission of this entry to the EMDataBank.

Submission successful

Thank you for depositing your structure to EMDataBank. You will receive an EMDataBank code via email shortly. Your deposition will now be processed by the EMDataBank curation team who will get back to you shortly with their comments and annotated entry.

If you do not receive an email with your EMDataBank code please get in touch with the EM help desk.

You are now able to begin a PDB deposition from this deposition session. Click the "Deposit coordinates" link in the sidebar to proceed with deposition to the PDB.

EMDataBank submission

By submitting the entry to the EMDataBank, you are agreeing that your entry may be publicly available. This will be done following completion of the submission process, at the time of publication, if you chose the option "Release upon publication (max. hold of 1 year)", or when your entry comes off hold.

Please note, that information on the status of all entries, including those on hold, is available to the public.

EMDataBank release policy

  1. Map, structure factors, layer-lines, masks and images may be held no longer than one year from the date of publication. All headers are released immediately after curation.
  2. A one-time extension of up to six months due to delay in publication can be requested in writing. In no case will a map, structure factors, layer-lines, masks and images be held for longer than 18 months from the date of deposition.
  3. Requests that the EMDataBank delay release of your data (put it on hold) should be submitted at the time of the initial deposition. EMDataBank can not consider hold requests received more than one week after the date of entry submission.
  4. If a request is placed to withdraw an entry after release of the map, it will be made obsolete and still remain available to the public in a separate area.
  5. In all cases, EMDataBank will adhere to the policy stated here, although this policy may differ from that of some journals. Deposition of data constitutes acceptance of EMDataBank's release policy.

Important notice

Sorry, submission of entries through EmDep has been disabled.