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Title, authors & keywords

Entry title

Provide a brief title for the experiment or analysis that is represented in this entry.

Title:   e.g. Electron cryo-microscopy of an amyloid fibril

Author list

List the author(s) of this entry. This list should be equivalent to the author list of a publication, not merely the contact author.

Author(s):   e.g. Jones A-BC, O'Gradies CH, Mark-di-Angelo ZX


Comma-separated list of relevant keywords for this structure. If there is more than one macromolecule in the entry, list keywords for each. Terms may come from the following categories: functional class, metabolic role, known biological or chemical activity, or structural classification.

Keywords: e.g. Trans-translation, ribosome rescue

Entry title

The title is free text and describes the contents of the entry and procedures or conditions which set this entry apart from others. The title presents an opportunity for the depositor to emphasize the underlying purpose of this particular experiment.

Example: Visualizing tmRNA Entry into a Stalled Ribosome.



This author list is equivalent to the author list of a publication, and is not necessarily merely the contact author. Keep in mind that this field is used by various browsers for searching.

List the people responsible for the contents of this entry. Indicate the family name, followed by first and middle names' initials. Separate individual names with a comma. Do not provide umlauts and other non-English character modifiers. Give names in English if there is an accepted English version; otherwise in the native language, transliterated if necessary.

Example: Valle T, Rodriguez MR, Gil O


Keywords (comma-separated terms)

Provide a comma separated list of relevant keywords for to the structural entry. Keywords may include the following types:

If there are more than one macromolecule in the entry, list terms for each.

Example: trans-tranlation, ribosome rescue