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Converted map header

The uploaded map has been converted to the EMDataBank map format. Please confirm the map header parameters provided below. If for any reason these parameters are incorrect please report it in the space below.

File name:    
Map title:    
Map mode:    
Fast, medium and slow axes:    
Number of columns, rows and sections:    
Grid sampling on x, y and z:   e.g. Only in rare cases the grid sampling is different than the number of columns, rows and sections.
Pixel spacing for X:    
Pixel spacing for Y:    
Pixel spacing for Z:    
Cell dimensions (x, y, z, alpha, beta, gamma):   e.g. Alpha, beta, gamma should be, in most cases, 90.0 except in some 2D crystallography maps.
Start and stop points on columns, rows and sections:   e.g. Some application such as Chimera or bsoft report the origin with the opposite sign (origin = -start points).
Minimum density:    
Maximum density:    
Average density:    
RMS deviation from mean density:    
Space group number:   e.g. Value normally 1 unless map grid follows 2D or 3D symmetry
Contour level: e.g. 0.55. 'n/a' is only valid for tomograms. For subtomogram averages author must provide a valid value.
Annotation details:   e.g. Reconstruction of mutant poliovirus

Report problem with map parameters?: Yes

Contour level

The recommended contour level is the density value that yields the optimal representation of the molecular envelope when the volume is displayed in an isosurface representation.
The supplied number must be a raw density value between the minimum and maximum density recorded in the map file.


Annotation details

Please supply any annotation details for the uploaded files.

Report problem with map parameter

Select "yes" if there is any problem with the map parameters.


Map parameter problem

If there is any problem with map parameters report it in this text box clearly.

Example: Correct cell dimensions are: 50, 50 ,50 angs.