Organ that consists of receptor cells located within an epidermal invagination and functions as an electroreceptor. [ ]

Synonyms: ampullary electroreceptor electrosensory ampullary organ ampullary electroreceptor organ

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Term information

database cross reference
  • AAO:0001006
  • TAO:0002104


axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: part_of lateral line receptor organ (AAO:0001001)[AAO]

relationship loss: subclass lateral line receptor organ (AAO:0001001)[AAO]

external definition

An electroreceptor consisting of receptor cells sunk into the epidermis or located in an epidermal cavity opening to the surface through a duct and pore. It can detect weak electric currents generated by other animals.[AAO]

has broad synonym

ampullary receptor



present in taxon

taxon notes

The presence of these organs varies greatly among anamniotes, but an out-group analysis of their distribution in adult anamniotes suggests that they were present in primitive vertebrates and retained in living lampreys, cartilaginous fishes, lobe-finned fishes and basal ray-finned fishes (bichirs, sturgeons and paddlefishes). Ampullary organs do not occur in gars and bowfins, two of the three groups of neopterygian fishes, nor are they found in most teleost fishes, but they do appear to have re-evolved at least twice (and more likely three or more times) in five groups of teleosts (Northcutt, 1997).[]