A mesoderm that has the potential to develop into a pronephros. [ ]

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  • TAO:0000067
  • XAO:0000264
  • VHOG:0001239
  • ZFA:0000067
  • AAO:0011090
  • EFO:0003479



the intermediate mesoderm of the chick embryo acquires its ability to form kidneys through its interactions with the paraxial mesoderm [ISBN:9780878932504 "Developmental Biology", PMID:10720431 "Signals from trunk paraxial mesoderm induce pronephros formation in chick intermediate mesoderm"]. These interactions induce the expression of TFs including Lim1, Pax2 and Pax6 that cause the intermediate mesoderm to form the kidney

external definition

Portion of tissue that consists of the mesenchymal precursor to the pronephric kidney and that begins to separate from the intermediate mesoderm at NF stage 21 and epithelializes by NF stage 30.[AAO]

has related synonym

pronephric anlage

pronephric mesenchyme

pronephric primordium

pronephric bulge