A limb bud that develops into a forelimb or pectoral fin. [ ]

Synonyms: forelimb - pectoral fin bud

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Term information

database cross reference
  • TAO:0000141
  • VHOG:0001754
  • EFO:0003430
  • ZFA:0000141
  • VHOG_RETIRED:0001259


plural term
pectoral fin buds [ TAO:0000141 ]


at this time we have no need to name a more specific 'pectoral fin bud' class, but we may in future

external definition

Fin bud that develops into the pectoral fin.[TAO]

has related synonym

pectoral fin buds

pectoral fin bud

homology notes

While the skeletons of teleost pectoral fins and tetrapod forelimbs are homologous at the level of endoskeletal radials, teleosts and tetrapods do not share homologous skeletal elements at the level of 'individuated' pro-, meso-, and metapterygia. Among osteichthyans, only basal actinopterygians retain the full complement of elements present in non-osteichthyan gnathostomes.[uncertain][VHOG]