one of the system of communicating cavities in the brain that are continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord, that like it are derived from the medullary canal of the embryo, that are lined with an epithelial ependyma, and that contain a serous fluid [ ]

Synonyms: region of ventricular system of brain brain ventricles cerebral ventricle

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Term information


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plural term
brain ventricles


external definition

Organ cavity of the brain which consists of the lateral ventricles, the third and fourth ventricles and the cerebral aqueduct[BIRNLEX:1356].

external ontology notes

FMA draws the distinction between e.g. 'fourth ventricle' and 'cavity of fourth ventricle'. The latter is a cavity, and part of the former, which is a region. The superclass of 'fourth ventricle' is_a 'region of ventricular system of the brain'. We place this class here, although it is not equivalent to ventricles, as it includes ventricle bodies.