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Term information



taxonomic disambiguation
foot digit 5 [ OBOL:accepted NCBITaxon:9606 ]

latin term
digitus quintus [V] pedis [ FMA:TA FMA:25053 ]


5th digit of the hind autopod.

depicted by

has exact synonym

digit 5 of hind-paw

pes digit V

digitus quintus of pes

digitus quintus [V]

toe 5

hind limb digit 5

digitus minimus; digitus quintus [v]

pedal digit V

digitus quintus pedis

pedal digitus minimus

digitus minimus pedis

digitus V of pes

5th toe

fifth toe

digitus quintus [V] pedis

hind digit 5

foot digit 5

hind digit V

fifth digit of foot

has narrow synonym

little toe

foot digit 5

has related synonym

digitus quintus (V) pedis