The bone which normally forms the lateral upper jaw in osteichthyans, including tetrapods. [ ]

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

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relationship loss: overlaps autopalatine-maxillary joint (TAO:0001942)[TAO]

relationship loss: overlaps premaxillary-maxillary joint (TAO:0002260)[TAO]


Fusion of maxilla + premaxilla

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In some teleosts, the maxilla is located postero-ventral to the supramaxilla. Commonly, the articular process of the maxilla articulates with the autopalatine and ethmoidal region antero-medially. The maxilla is usually the largest bone in the upper jaw assemblage.[TAO]

external definition

Paired, intramembranous bone located on the lateral sides of the skull, posterior to the premaxillae.[AAO]

Dermal bone that forms part of the upper jaw, located antero-ventral to the premaxilla. The maxilla is a paired bone.[TAO]

has broad synonym

upper jaw bone

has related synonym

maxillary bone




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