Endochondral tarsal bone articulating with centralia and metatarsal 3. [ VSAO : 0005054 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateral_cuneiform_bone ]

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latin term
os cuneiforme laterale [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria : 2005 ]
latin term
os tarsale III [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria : 2005 ]
  • The lateral cuneiform (also known as third cuneiform / external cuneiform) intermediate in size between the other two cuneiform bones, is also wedge-shaped, the base being uppermost. It occupies the center of the front row of the tarsal bones, between the second cuneiform medially, the cuboid laterally, the navicular posteriorly and the third metatarsal in front. [WP,unvetted]
  • Endochondral tarsal bone articulating with centralia and metatarsal 3.
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  • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/52/Gray291.png
external comment
  • In some types, the cuneiform is found as two or three bones, in which case the more anterior ('dorsal' in dorsal/plantar terminology) is the ectocuneiform, while the more posterior or plantar bones are the mesocuneiform and entocuneiform.[Palaeos]
external definition
  • Small element that articulates anteriorly with metatarsal III. It may be fused to tarsal 2.[AAO]
has exact synonym
  • distal tarsal 3 bone
  • external cuneiform bone of foot
  • tarsal 3
  • lateral cuneiform
  • ectocuneiforme
  • lateral cuneiform bone
  • os tarsale III
  • cuneiforme 3
  • third cuneiform bone
  • os cuneiforme laterale
  • external cuneiform
has related synonym
  • 3rd cuneiform
  • ossa cuneiforme laterale
  • distal tarsal 3
  • os cuneiforme tertium
  • foor distal carpal bone 3
  • os cuneiforme laterale
  • UBERON:0001454