Muscle tissue composed of cardiac muscle cells, forming the muscles of the heart[ZFA,modified]. [ ]

Synonyms: textus muscularis of heart muscle heart muscle textus muscularis muscle of heart muscle tissue heart muscle muscle tissue textus muscularis of cardiac muscle textus muscularis of myocardium textus muscularis of heart myocardium muscle of heart textus muscularis myocardium textus muscularis muscle tissue of myocardium muscle tissue of cardiac muscle myocardium muscle tissue heart myocardium textus muscularis heart myocardium muscle tissue muscle tissue of heart myocardium muscle tissue of heart muscle textus muscularis of muscle of heart cardiac muscle textus muscularis cardiac muscle muscle tissue of muscle of heart cardiac muscle muscle tissue

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check relationship with myocardium. part_of in MA - but we also have a more specific class 'cardiac muscle tissue of myocardium'. Check ncit

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cardiac musculature