Anatomical system that overlaps the nervous system and is responsible for receiving and processing sensory information. [ ]

Synonyms: sensory subsystem sense organs organa sensuum sense organ subsystem sensory systems sense organs set

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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, efo_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
organa sensuum [ FMA:75259 FMA:TA ]

plural term
sensory systems [ TAO:0000282 ]

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external ontology notes

note the distinct between entire sensory system and individual system. this reconciles is_a and part_of distinctions between ssAOs

has related synonym

organa sensuum

sensory organ system

set of sense organs

homology notes

An early step in the evolution of neural crest, therefore, may have been the origin of a specific dorsal neural cell population contributing to sensory processing; this would predate the divergence of the amphioxus and vertebrate lineages.[well established][VHOG]