Ceratobranchial bone that is the most posterior, bilaterally paired ventral pharyngeal arch bone. [ http://zfin.org/curator ]

Synonyms: inferior pharyngeal bone lower pharyngeal

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Synonym 'lower pharyngeal' from Weitzman, 1962. Synonym 'inferior pharyngeal bone' from Saxena, S.C. (1960). The cranial musculature of a hill-stream cyprinid fish Garra mullya (Sykes). Proceedings of the National Institute of Science in India. 26B(4): 176-188. Synonym 'pharyngeal arch' from Eastman, J.T. (1971). The pharyngeal bone musculature of the carp, Cyprinus carpio. Journal of Morphology. 134(2): 131-140.

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