Neural arch that extends along the dorso-lateral surface of the last preural centra and/or ural centra and the notochord (Arratia & Schultze, 1992). An uroneural develops as a modification of the neural arch of an ural centrum (Patterson, 1968). The series of uroneurals may include from 7 to 1 elements that are numbered from rostrad to caudad. An uroneural is a paired membrane bone. [ TAO:Arratia_Schultze_1992 TAO:Patterson_1968 ]

Synonyms: uroneurals

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The presence of modified ural neural arches or uroneurals is interpreted as a synapomorphy of Teleostei. Uroneurals present some modifications in certain teleost subgroups and such specialized structures are named pleurostyle (e.g., ostarioclupeomorphs) and stegural (e.g., salmonids).

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