an infrequent rudimentary duct, or protrusion of the mucous membrane into the incisive canal, on either side of the anterior extremity of the nasal crest [ ]

Synonyms: conduit incisif@fr ductus incisivus

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Term information

latin term
ductus incisivus [ FMA:TA ]


Taxon notes notes: In domestic mammals the Ductus incisivus is considerably better developed than in man. It is not accommodated in a Canalis incisivus, as in man, but in the Fissura palatina[NOMINA ANATOMICA VETERINARIA (2005)]



taxon notes

horses exhibit Flehmen response but do not have an incisive duct communication between the nasal and the oral cavity because they do not breathe through their mouths, instead, the VNOs connect to the nasal passages by the nasopalatine duct

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