interanterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus

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a group of nerve cells that bridges the midline of the thalamus between the anterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus of the left and right sides. According to Crosby (1962), it is more developed and consistently present in rodents than in primates (adapted from Brain Info). [ NLX:144468 ]

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Term information

latin term
nucleus interanterodorsalis [ NeuroNames:1273 ]

IAD [ MBA:1113 ]

latin term
nucleus commissura interanterodorsalis [ NeuroNames:1273 ]

has related synonym

nucleus commissura interanterodorsalis

interanterodorsal nucleus of thalamus

nucleus interanterodorsalis

interanterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus

interanterodorsal nucleus thalamus

interanterodorsal thalamic nucleus




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