Synonyms: M. caudofemoralis longus caudofemoralis longus muscle

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primary extensor of the hip joint in lizards[PMID:22753107]

In alligators, originates from tail base and inserts on 4th trochanter of femur[ISBN:0521629217]

In anolis, this muscle originates via fleshy fibers from the bases of the chevron bones and the ventral aspects of the transverse processes of Ca3-8 It is composed of two heads (ventral and dorsal) that are fused for most of their length and give rise to a common tendon. The common tendon divides to give rise to: (1) a broad and stout tendon that inserts onto the cranial aspect of the proximal one-fifth of the femur, and (2) a thin tendon that inserts onto the knee joint capsule, between the proximal aspects of the two bellies of m. gastrocnemius and the right and left femoral condyles[PMID:22753107]

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