Regional part of telencephalon lying on the basal surface and bounded by the olfactory trigone rostrally, the diagonal band medially and caudally and the prepiriform cortex laterally. It is characterized by many perforations caused by small blood vessels entering the gray matter (Meyer et al., J. Comp. Neurol 284: 405, 1989). [ BIRNLEX:1096 ]

Synonyms: anterior perforated space anterior perforated area olfactory area (mai) substantia perforata anterior

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Term information

latin term
area olfactoria (Mai) [ NeuroNames:282 ]

latin term
eminentia parolfactoria [ NeuroNames:282 ]

latin term
tuber olfactorium [ NeuroNames:282 ]

external definition

Subdivision of telencephalon which is a region on the ventro-medial aspect of the telencephalon penetrated by numerous blood vessels. It is bounded by the optic tract posteriorly and the olfactory trigone anteriorly.

has related synonym

rostral perforated substance

olfactory tubercle

tuber olfactorium

area olfactoria (Mai)

olfactory area (Carpenter)

olfactory tubercle (Ganser)

eminentia parolfactoria