The posterior end of the corpus callosum. It overlaps the tela chorioidea of the third ventricle and the mid-brain, and ends in a thick, convex, free border. [ ]

Synonyms: corpus callosum splenium corpus callosum, splenium

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Term information

latin term
corpus callosum, splenium [ NeuroNames:196 ]

latin term
splenium corpus callosi [ NeuroNames:196 ]

latin term
corpus callosum splenium [ NeuroNames:196 ]

latin term
splenium corporis callosi [ NeuroNames:196 ]

has related synonym

splenium of corpus callosum

corpus callosum splenium

splenium corporis callosi

splenium of the corpus callosum

corpus callosum, splenium (Burdach)

splenium corpus callosi

corpus callosum, splenium