An area within the corpus callosum, a white matter structure within the cleft that separates the left and right cerebral hemispheres in the mammalian brain, between the genu (anterior region) and the splenium (posterior region). [ ncithesaurus:Body_of_the_Corpus_Callosum ]

Synonyms: corpus callosum body truncus corporis callosi

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Term information

latin term
corpus callosum truncus [ NeuroNames:195 ]

latin term
truncus corporis callosi [ FMA:TA FMA:61947 ]

latin term
truncus corpus callosi [ NeuroNames:195 ]

latin term
trunculus corporis callosi [ NeuroNames:195 ]

latin term
corpus callosum, corpus [ NeuroNames:195 ]

has related synonym

body of corpus callosum

corpus callosum, corpus

body of the corpus callosum

corpus callosum truncus

corpus callosum, body

trunk of corpus callosum

truncus corpus callosi

trunculus corporis callosi