A small island of olfactory neuroepithelium lying bilaterally at the ventral base of the nasal septum near the entrance of the nasopharynx. [ NCBIBook:NBK55971 ]

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Term information

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SO of Masera



taxon notes

This olfactory apparatus has been observed in many mammals, including rat, mouse, hamster, deer mouse, rabbit, opossum, guinea pig, bandicoot, and koala (Rodolfo-Masera 1943; Adams and McFarland 1971; Bojsen-Moller 1975; Katz and Merzel 1977; Breipohl et al. 1983, 1989; Kratzing 1984a, 1984b; Taniguchi et al. 1993), but not in cat (Breipohl et al. 1983) or ferret (Weiler and Farbman 2003)