The Vastus intermedius (Cruraeus) arises from the front and lateral surfaces of the body of the femur in its upper two-thirds, sitting under Rectus Femoris and from the lower part of the lateral intermuscular septum. Its fibers end in a superficial aponeurosis, which forms the deep part of the Quadriceps femoris tendon. The Vastus medialis and Vastus intermedius appear to be inseparably united, but when the Rectus femoris has been reflected a narrow interval will be observed extending upward from the medial border of the patella between the two muscles, and the separation may be continued as far as the lower part of the intertrochanteric line, where, however, the two muscles are frequently continuous. [ ]

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Origin: anterior and lateral surfaces of femur; insertion: patella, common tendon of quadriceps femoris; innervation: femoral; action, extends leg[BTO:0002542].

has related synonym


musculus vastus intermedius

intermediate great muscle

vastus intermedius

intermediate vastus muscle


vastus intermedialis