Brainstem tract formed by the central processes of first-order, trigeminal ganglion neurons that extends from the caudal medulla to the midpons. This tract conveys nociceptive and thermal information from the face to second-order neurons in the spinal nucleus of the trigeminal complex. [ ]

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Term information

latin term
tractus spinalis nervi trigeminalis [ NeuroNames:1589 ]

latin term
tractus spinalis nervi trigemini [ NeuroNames:1589 ]

has related synonym

spinal root of trigeminal

spinal tract of trigeminal nerve

tractus spinalis nervi trigeminalis

descending tract of trigeminal

spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve

tract of descending root of trigeminal

spinal trigeminal tract

tractus spinalis nervi trigemini

descending root of V

spinal V tract

trigeminospinal tract



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