One of two types of cerebral cortex defined on the basis of cytoarchitecture and fetal development. The other is neocortex. Allocortex does not pass through a prenatal phase of six-layered structure and has three or four layers in the mature brain ( Schiebler-1999 ). Allocortex has three subtypes: paleocortex, archicortex and periallocortex. This definition differs from that in some older sources, which excluded the olfactory bulb and the accessory olfactory bulb ( Carpenter-1983 ). [ NeuroNames:759 ]

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Term information

latin term
nucleus intercalatus (staderini) [ NeuroNames:759 ]


The allocortex is composed of hippocampal and olfactory structures, which usually display three-layered organization[Brainspan]

has related synonym

allocortex (Stephan)

heterogenetic cortex

intercalated nucleus of the medulla

transitional cortex

heterogenetic formations

nucleus intercalatus (staderini)