The white laminae of cerebellum is subdivision of the cerebellar cortex comprised of myelinated axons lying deep to the granule cell layer of the cerebellar cortex. [ ]

Synonyms: lamina alba of cerebellar cortex laminae albae of cerebellar cortex white laminae of cerebellum white lamina of cerebellum

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Term information

latin term
isthmus of gyrus fornicatus [ NeuroNames:163 ]

plural term
white laminae of cerebellum [ BIRNLEX:1105 ]

latin term
isthmus gyri cingulatus [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus-2 [ NeuroNames:163 ]

latin term
isthmus gyri cinguli [ NeuroNames:163 ]

plural term
laminae albae of cerebellar cortex [ BIRNLEX:1105 ]

latin term
isthmus cinguli [ NeuroNames:163 ]

has related synonym

isthmus gyri cinguli

isthmus cinguli

isthmus of the cingulate gyrus

isthmus of gyrus fornicatus


laminae albae of cerebellar cortex

isthmus gyri cingulatus