Portion of internal capsule lying between the lenticular nucleus and the head of the caudate nucleus. [ NLX:144257 ]

Synonyms: crus anterius capsulae internae capsula interna, pars anterior

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Term information

latin term
crus anterius capsulae internae [ FMA:61952 FMA:TA ]

latin term
capsula interna, pars anterior [ FMA:TA FMA:61952 ]

external definition

The anterior limb of internal capsule (or frontal part) contains: (1) fibers running from the thalamus to the frontal lobe; (2) fibers connecting the lentiform and caudate nuclei; (3) fibers connecting the cortex with the corpus striatum; and (4) fibers passing from the frontal lobe through the medial fifth of the base of the cerebral peduncle to the nuclei pontis[Wikipedia:Anterior_limb_of_internal_capsule].

has related synonym

anterior limb

anterior internal capsule



taxon notes

the streaming fibers of the anterior internal capsule separate the caudate nucleus and putamen in the human brain (in the mouse brain the caudoputamen is continuous)[ISBN:0123813611]