The entrance of the larynx is a triangular opening, narrow in front, wide behind, and sloping obliquely downward and backward. It is bounded, in front, by the epiglottis; behind, by the apices of the arytenoid cartilages, the corniculate cartilages, and the interarytenoid notch; and on either side, by a fold of mucous membrane, enclosing ligamentous and muscular fibers, stretched between the side of the epiglottis and the apex of the arytenoid cartilage; this is the aryepiglottic fold, on the posterior part of the margin of which the cuneiform cartilage forms a more or less distinct whitish prominence, the cuneiform tubercle. These folds form the upper borders of the quadrangular membrane. [ ]

Synonyms: ary-epiglottic fold

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plica aryepiglottica

aryepiglottic sphincter

aryepiglottic folds