Brodmann area 20, or BA20, is part of the temporal cortex in the human brain. The region encompasses most of the ventral temporal cortex, a region believed to play a part in high-level visual processing and recognition memory. This area is also known as inferior temporal area 20, and it refers to a subdivision of the cytoarchitecturally defined temporal region of cerebral cortex. In the human it corresponds approximately to the inferior temporal gyrus. Cytoarchitecturally it is bounded medially by the ectorhinal area 36 (H), laterally by the middle temporal area 21, rostrally by the temporopolar area 38 (H) and caudally by the occipitotemporal area 37 (H) (Brodmann-1909). [ ]

Synonyms: Brodmann area 20, inferior temporal inferior temporal area area 20 of Brodmann Brodmann (1909) area 20 area temporalis inferior Brodmann area 20 area 20 of Brodmann-1909 B09-20

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