Brodmann Area 15 is one of Brodmann's subdivisions of the cerebral cortex in the brain. Area 15 was defined by Brodmann in the guenon monkey, but he found no equivalent structure in humans. However, functional imaging experiments have found structures that may be homologous. [ ]

Synonyms: Brodmann area 15 Brodmann (1909) area 15 area 15 of Brodmann-1909 B09-15

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latin term
insula ventralis [ NeuroNames:1010 ]

B09-15 [ BIRNLEX:1746 NIFSTD:SumsDB_abbrevSource ]

has related synonym

insula ventralis

brodmann's area 15

area 15 of Brodmann


area 15 of Brodmann (guenon)



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