In connection with the fimbriae of the uterine tube, or with the broad ligament close to them, there are frequently one or more small pedunculated vesicles. These are termed the vesicular appendages of the epoophoron. [ ]

Synonyms: appendix vesiculosus female cystic vesicular appendage

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Term information

latin term
appendices vesiculosae epoophori

external definition

one of the small pedunculated structures attached to the uterine tubes near their fimbriated end; remnants of the mesonephric ducts[].

has broad synonym

hydatid of Morgagni

has related synonym

appendage of epoophoron

appendage of epoƶphoron

appendices vesiculosae

appendices vesiculosae epoophori

vesicular appendage of epoƶphoron

vesicular appendage of epoophoron