A gland producing tears in a third eyelid in the corner of each eye. [ ncithesaurus:Gland_of_the_Third_Eyelid ]

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Term information

latin term
glandula palpebra tertia superficialis [ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7559104 ]


Disease notes: Prolapse of the Nicititans Gland is also known as Cherry Eye

curator notes

This gland is distinct from the other medial ocular gland, the Harderian gland, and is typified by clusters of glandular tissue within the nictitating membrane

has broad synonym

gland of the third eyelid

gland of nictitating membrane

has related synonym

superficial gland of the third eyelid

superficial gland of the nictitating membrane

glandula palpebra tertia superficialis



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