The caudofemoralis (from the latin cauda, tail and femur, thighbone) is a muscle found in the pelvic limb of mostly all animals possessing a tail, since it is a synapomorphy appeared on the Archosauria clade. It is thus found in felids (cats) and Mustela ('Weasels'), but also on crocodiles and birds. [ ]

Synonyms: caudofemoralis muscle M. caudofemoralis

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The Caudofemoralis acts to flex the tail laterally to its respective side when the pelvic limb is bearing weight. When the pelvic limb is lifted off the ground, contraction of the Caudofemoralis causes the limb to abduct and the shank to extend by extending the hip joint (acetabulofemoral or coxofemoral joint)



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