An encapsulated nerve receptor present in subpapillary dermis and deep dermis of hairy and glabrous skin. [ ]

Synonyms: Ruffini's corpuscle corpusculum sensorium fusiforme

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Term information

latin term
corpusculum sensorium fusiforme [ ]

curator notes

there is some debate as to its existence[ISBN:9780849388118]

external ontology notes

MP says subcutaneous tissue of digits; NCITA says hypodermis

has related synonym

bulbous corpuscle

Ruffini corpuscles

Ruffini corpuscle

Ruffini's organs

Ruffini's end organ

Ruffini corpuscle end-organ

corpuscle of ruffini

Ruffini's ending

Ruffini endings

Ruffini's corpuscles



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