A manual digit found in Aves that is the most preaxial position and is morphologically similar to digit 1 in the standard tetrapod configuration and develops from embryonic digit 2, with contributions from embryonic digit 1. [ https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/issues/247 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10220427 https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/issues/264 PhenoscapeRCN:Oct2012 ]

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Term information


Hypothesized to be homologous to manual digit 1 of other tetrapods. Develops from the embryonic digit that is positionally the 2nd, with contributions from the 1st

has narrow synonym


alula (Aves)

has related synonym

digit I(CII) of manus

wing digit 1 (adult)

digit I of manus

wing digit I

wing digit 2 (embryonic)