Superficial fascia is found in the subcutis in most regions of the body, blending with the reticular layer of the dermis. It is present on the face, over the upper portion of the sternocleidomastoid, at the nape of the neck, and overlying the sternum. It is comprised mainly of loose areolar connective tissue and adipose and is the layer that primarily determines the shape of a body. In addition to its subcutaneous presence, this type of fascia surrounds organs and glands, neurovascular bundles, and is found at many other locations where it fills otherwise unoccupied space. It serves as a storage medium of fat and water; as a passageway for lymph, nerve and blood vessels; and as a protective padding to cushion and insulate. Superficial fascia is present, but does not contain fat, in the eyelids, ear, scrotum, penis and clitoris. [ ]

Synonyms: subcutaneous tissue tela subcutanea superficial fascial layer

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tela subcutanea [ FMA:TA ]

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we follow FMA, BTO, NCIT and WP in making this a distinct class from hypodermis.



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