A small tubular invagination of the skin with a fleshy dermal papilla at the bottom from which the feather grows. The papilla is inserted in the opening at the end of the quill[TMD]. Forms by invagination of cylinder of epidermal tissue at base of feather bud. [ http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/feather_evolution.htm http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/feather+follicle ]

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Term information

has related synonym

feather bud



structure notes

The follicle consists of a series of tissue layers (from peripheral to central), including the dermis of the follicle, the epidermis of the follicle (outer epidermal layer), the follicle cavity or lumen (the space between epidermal layers), the follicle (epidermal) collar (or inner epidermal layer), and the dermal pulp (tissue at the center of the follicle). The proliferation of feather keratinocytes and most of the growth of the feather occurs in the follicle, or epidermal, collar (From: Prum 1999).