Hyoid muscle that originates at the ventrolateral margin of the pterotic and inserts in the dorsomesial edge of the opercle. The levator operculi is responible for jaw depression, its force of contraction is transmitted through the opercular series and the interoperculo-mandibular ligament to the lower jaw. [ ZFA:0000537 ]

Synonyms: levator operculae levator operculi muscle

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Term information

database cross reference
  • VHOG:0000813
  • ZFA:0000537
  • TAO:0000537
homology notes

The depressor mandibulae of tetrapods, which opens the jaws, is the homologue of the levator operculi and epihyoidean. In mammals, the depressor mandibulae evolves into the stapedius (...).[well established][VHOG]