A palatal bone which -- like many palatal bones -- may originally have developed as a dermal bone replacing part of the palatoquadrate, the primitive upper jaw. Like the palatine (also called dermopalatine), the ectopterygoid replaces the middle part of the autopalatine. It may be serially homologous with the palatine(s), but is somewhat specialized, being the last (most posterior in palatal view) of the series and bordering the fossa for the jaw muscles. In a typical tetrapod it abuts the palatine anteriorly, the maxilla laterally, the pterygoid or the fossa mandubuaris medially, and the fossa posteriorly [ http://palaeos.com/vertebrates/glossary/glossaryE.html ]

Synonyms: ectopterygoid

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Term information

database cross reference
  • ZFA:0000656
  • EFO:0003552
  • TAO:0000656


plural term
ectopterygoids [ ZFA:0000656 ]

external comment

The ectopterygoid is often toothed.[TAO]

external definition

Dermal bone that forms the lateral border of the palate and articulates with the quadrate posteriorly, the entopterygoid medially and the dermopalatine and/or autopalatine antero-laterally. The ectopterygoid is a paired bone.[TAO]

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taken from TAO but is present in tetrapods

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