This is the paired bone that makes up the segment of the mammalian hyoid apparatus connecting the epihyoids with the skull via the tympanohyoid cartilages on each side. Ventrally, it defines the medial and lateral compartments of the guttural pouch in the horse. [ MURDOCH:1758 ]

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The stylohyoid bone is one of the four bones ( stylohyoid, ceratohyoid, basihyoid, thyrohyoid) of the hyoid apparatus in the horse. Other species have five bones, the fifth being the epihyoid that is not present in the horse. The stylohyoid bone in the horse is significantly larger compared to other bones of the hyoid apparatus and divides the guttural pouch into two chambers, medial and lateral. The hyoid apparatus consists of a series of bony rods, jointed together and forming a means of suspending the tongue and larynx from the skull