the superior half of the orbital rim, which constitutes the curved superior border of the orbital opening, formed by the frontal bone. [ ]

Synonyms: margo supraorbitalis supra-orbital margin superior orbital rim supra-orbital ridge supraorbital margin

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external ontology notes

see also: 'supraorbital flange'. FMA has 2 related classes, but these refer to the line and surface

has narrow synonym

supraorbital torus

frontal torus

has related synonym

supraorbital surface of frontal bone

margin of the orbit

frontal torus

supraorbital margin of frontal bone

eyebrow bone

supra-orbital margin of frontal bone

supra-orbital border of frontal bone

supraorbital margin

supraorbital arch

margo supraorbitalis (os frontale)

supraorbital torus

arcus superciliaris

superciliary ridge

orbital ridge



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taxon notes

Neanderthals have a Supraorbital torus, a prominent, trabecular (spongy) brow ridge.