A gill that develops_from a pharyngeal gill precursor. [ OBOL : automatic ]

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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, efo_slim

plural term
gills [ VHOG : 0001214 ]
  • A gill that develops_from a pharyngeal gill precursor.
external definition
  • The respiratory organ of most aquatic animals that breathe water to obtain oxygen, consisting of a filamentous structure of vascular membranes across which dissolved gases are exchanged. [Free_Online_Dictionary]
  • Anatomical structure consisting of a series of membranes which allow dissolved oxygen from the water to pass into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide to pass out of the bloodstream.[AAO]
has related synonym
  • branchia
  • gills
homology notes
  • Gill slits in the pharyngeal region of the intestine, which are also present in (at least) tunicates and acranians, are taken over to the craniote ancestor.[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0011150