Endochondral tarsal bone articulating with centralia and metatarsal 4. [ VSAO:0005055 ]

Synonyms: os tarsale IV

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Term information

database cross reference
  • VSAO:0005055
  • AAO:0000932
latin term
os cuboideum [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]

latin term
os tarsale IV [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]

editor note

We need to restrict the logical definition such that it is *only* connecting to metatarsal 4

external definition

Small element that articulates anteriorly with metatarsal IV. It may be absent in some taxa.[AAO]

has broad synonym

tarsal 4

distal tarsal 4

has related synonym


os cuboideum



terminology notes

NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria uses os cuboideum as an official synonym for distal tarsal IV, but some sources also use this as the label for the human cuboid bone which is regarded to be formed from tarsals IV and V. We therefore decline to use exact syns in either case.