Limb segment that consists of the long bones of the pes. The metatarsals are analogous to the metacarpal bones of the manus. [ ]

Synonyms: metatarsal bones set ossa metatarsi[I-V] ossa metatarsalia [I-V] posterior metapodial skeleton set of metatarsals [I-V] metatarsals [I-V] set of metatarsal bones skeleton of metatarsus metatarsal skeleton

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latin term
ossa metatarsi[I-V] [ FMA:TA FMA:71340 ]

latin term
ossa metatarsalia [I-V] [ FMA:71340 FMA:TA ]

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Segment of the leg corresponding to the metatarsus, which articulates with the carpals at one end and with the phalanges at the other end.[AAO]

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posterior metapodium

ossa metatarsalia