Skeletal subdivision of the head including skull (cranium plus mandible), pharyngeal and/or hyoid apparatus. [ ]

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database cross reference
  • TAO:0000737
  • XAO:0003075
  • VSAO:0000049
  • ZFA:0000737
  • AAO:0010185
  • AAO:0000109
  • AAO:0000971
curator notes

that the cranial skeleton includes the pharyngeal arch skeleton. It is thus more inclusive that the cranium itself, and extends beyond the head in tetrapods. The AAO class called 'skull' belongs here, as it includes the whole splanchnocranium

editor note

we use 'cranial skeletal system', so that we can include the skull, which has joints/sutures as parts (recall, we follow FMA in distinguishing between the skeleton and skeletal system - only the latter includes joints)

external definition

Skeletal system which is part of the skull, including the splanchnocranium, chondrocranium, and dermatocranium.[TAO]

Bony structure that encases the central nervous system and the primary sense organs of sight, olfaction, hearing, and equilibrium.[AAO]

has narrow synonym


cranial skeleton