A meningeal branch to the dura mater arising from the anterior ethmoidal artery. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anterior_ethmoidal_artery#Branches ]

Synonyms: ramus meningeus anterior (arteria ethmoidalis anterioris) anterior meningeal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery

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latin term
ramus meningeus anterior (arteria ethmoidalis anterioris) [ FMA:TA FMA:49993 ]

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editor note

this needs checking as part of a general revision of the blood vessels and their branches - unclear if the anterior meningeal artery should be treated separately from the anterior ethmoidal artery (ie as a branch) or the same thing

has related synonym

arteria ethmoidalis anterior

anterior ethmoid artery

anterior meningeal arteries

anterior ethmoid arteries

anterior meningeal artery

a. ethmoidalis anterior