A specific region of the lateral mesoderm that will form the majority of the mesodermal component of the right ventricle, arterial pole (outflow tract) and venous pole (inflow tract). [ GOC:mtg_heart http://amigo.geneontology.org/amigo/term/GO:0003139 GOC:rl ]

Synonyms: anterior/second heart field anterior heart field second heart field

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Term information

development notes

in mouse has left ventricular identity[PMID:22855565]

external definition

extra-cardiac population of mesodermal progenitors that gives rise to the right ventricle and outflow tract[PMID:17276708].



taxon notes

In general, the two studies in chick concluded that the contribution of the SHF was to the outflow tract, whereas the mouse work suggested that the second lineage contributed more broadly to the heart, including the outflow tract and much or all of the right ventricle [11-14]. These different conclusions may represent differences in the experimental approaches used or may represent bona fide differences in the contribution of the second lineage to the hearts of birds compared to mammals [11]. Alternatively, the secondary/anterior heart fields described in the chick may represent a subset of a broader field that makes a more substantial contribution to the heart, as the mouse studies suggested